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Drought 08/13/2014

Here is beige and brown where there should be numerous shades of green. Here are stagnant pools of water where there should be a low, flowing summertime creek. Here is dust and mosquitoes and heat. Everyone keeps saying that it … Continue reading

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Tanglewood Nature Preserve – Lynbrook NY

Tanglewood Nature Preserve is a small park in Lynbrook that was renovated almost 10 years ago. It is on the edge of the village wedged between houses and the intersection of two important roads. It was always luscious and attractive … Continue reading

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Mohican Outdoor Center – Afternoon

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Newtown Creek in the Summer

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1st Avenue, Going South

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Saturday Snowfall

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On Foot in the Rain

Walking is colder but during rush hour it seems to be faster than driving through that tangle.

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Tram and Bridge Crowded by Trees

Tram and Bridge Crowded by Trees Continue reading

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Escape 3

If you hid here during a game of Ghosts in the Graveyard, Manhunt, Freeze Tag or Hide-And-Go-Seek you would be easily found. If you hid here to dig in the dirt by yourself, stay out of the sun or avoid … Continue reading

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Flowers Wilted and Dried Out in the Heat

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