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Non-magical thinking

I have been thinking a great deal lately about what cause and effect truly mean. The world seems to sneak up on people but I never want to be caught unaware. I try my best to keep reality foremost in … Continue reading

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Signage. Rockville Centre, Long Island

If you ever need your electronics repaired or a sweet hi-fi system installed this is the place to go especially now that the Aladdin TV Repair shop around the block has closed. The staff is sometimes surly but they get … Continue reading

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Escape 1

This is The Big Tree. It is called The Big Tree because it used to be paired with a smaller version of the same kind. The Little Tree, which was not very little at all, succumbed to a disease that … Continue reading

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the livin’ is easy?

The spring semester is finally over and I am very relieved. Now of course I have a whole passel of projects to do over the summer. Internship. Part-time work. Finishing a massive self-imposed project in building technology. Reorganizing files from … Continue reading

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