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Chores 01/11/2015

I spent a slow day doing chores instead of busily pedaling around Siem Reap trying to take as many photos as possible. I got a little sunburned yesterday and that always makes me sleepy. The temples, the mopeds, the gaudy … Continue reading

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Will “protected cultural zones” save heritage sites in Syria?

Originally posted on Gates of Nineveh: An Experiment in Blogging Assyriology:
Earlier this month UNESCO held a major conference in Paris on cultural heritage destruction in Iraq and Syria. Headlining remarks by UNESCO director Irina Bokova emphasized that there is…

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Inside Angkor Wat 01/10/2015

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First Day on Site 01/06/2015

When they say Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious building there is no exaggeration. When they say it is crowded in the dry season there is no exaggeration. We drove past on our way to another part of the … Continue reading

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Introduction to the City 01/05/2015

I was taken to breakfast by my supervisor to get a brief introduction to Siem Reap. It was what I was prepared to see: crowded, dusty, chaotic, and full of tourists. I have little interest in visiting what my supervisor … Continue reading

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Sunday Best 01/04/2015

Too tired to take advantage of my extended layover I spent the afternoon in the airport at Phnom Penh. The drivers quickly stopped asking me if I needed a ride to the city when I politely resisted enough times. There … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz Historic District

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